What is it?

RollBrand is a portable kit for decoration and design, consisting of a mini thermal printer which is connected by bluetooth to its own tablet. It features a special system which allows users to design, personalise and decorate on different substrates, through the use of dry ink printing (ribbon). 

What substrates can we print on?

Textil Substrates

  • Satin Ribbon with selvedge
  • Satin Ribbon without selvedge
  • Mat Ribbon

Adhesive Substrates

  • Paper
  • Polypropylene

Highly-Resistant Substrates

  • Tyvek
  • Durasin

Why should you have one in your business?

Well, because it’s an indispensable tool for enhancing any kind of merchandising or packaging, flower arrangements, decorative accessories or labeling. On top of that, it can allow you to go a step further by emphasising any aspect of your brand, product or it can be used for any special occasion.


● We offer an easy-to-use and intuitive design system.


It comes with a Bluetooth connection and Plug&Play technology.


You have a broad variety of graphics and fonts to choose from.


Also, There is a possibility of adding your own logotype or corporate typography.


You can create up to 1000 combinations to streamline and enhance your designs.


It can be used in any retail venue, function, showroom, etc.

Compact footprint

It has a Compact footprint of 27cm x (by) 21cm x (by) 15cm.

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